Clear Analytics is an innovative and cost effective Self Service Business Intelligence solution born from over 20 years of delivering analytics to the Enterprise. Empowering users to answer their own questions and rely less on IT. Here are some key features*tExcel Based, so zero training required*tCollaborative and sharing capabilities*tConsolidate data from multiple departments*tDynamic Refresh to eliminate manual errors*tNo Report Developers requiredWe take Security and Compliance very seriously*tFull Entitlements capability*tTracing & Auditing capability*tSpreadsheets are stored up centrallyBenefits to your business*tKnow excel? Know clear.*tNo specialists needed-Its self service*tChange your data, not your layout-Instant data analysis*tConsolidate by not consolidation*tCentrally managed spreadsheets and security*tAutomate and update*tData share*tCustom groupingBenefits to your IT team*tnever export to excel again*tFull traceability*tSystems and controls*tReduce Bottleneck*tUnburden your infrastructureClear Analytics in action*tAgile analytics*tEnhanced visuals*tRegulatory control-Fully trackable and auditable

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