CO-SENDER is a multi-channel campaign management software (SaaS), which helps companies boost customer engagement and loyalty and increase communication efficiency while reducing operational costs at the same time. CO-SENDER's mission is to enable our clients to become high-performance businesses. Our product vision: a single point of communication that allows organizations to communicate with their employees, customers, suppliers and everyone in their environment in an easy and efficient way.We are working with companies that frequently communicate on various channels and are experiencing losses due to inefficient corporate communication. This is causing customer engagement and loyalty problems. What we do: we offer a single point of communication, which means better customer engagement, loyalty to your company and increased communication efficiency.Companies that are managing most of their communication through a number of different points within their IT infrastructure and are experiencing high maintenance costs can also benefit significantly from the CO-SENDER platform. Any change in communication would normally require a specific set of technical competencies and know how to locate, design and implement the necessary changes across various IT systems. This process results in high maintenance costs. CO-SENDER allows companies to shift all communication management from various points within their IT infrastructure to a single hub and reduce operational costs.

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