Coinfloor is the UK's bitcoin marketplace combining a professional exchange with a consumer friendly market. Coinfloor was founded with a focus on trust, security and reliability. The company is focused on trust, security, reliability and is known for being the first exchange to store all client bitcoins in 100% multi-signature cold storage and employing advanced KYC and AML procedures to deter money laundering.In addition to its commitment to user security and user asset protection, Coinfloor is also the first exchange to employ a sophisticated algorithmic rounding engine for fee calculation, making its exchange the most favourable for high frequency and professional traders in the world. At the same time, Coinfloor has been developed to be intuitive and easy to use for even a casual Bitcoin enthusiast and first-time trader. The latest addition to Coinfloor's services, Coinfloor Market, is a broker based marketplace connecting buyers and investors with Professional Bitcoin Brokers. Just as the NYSE was committed to a decentralised network of brokers backed by a centralised exchange, Coinfloor is the first institution in the Bitcoin industry to mirror this proven model.The company was founded by Mark Lamb and Amadeo Pellicce, long-time business collaborators. Investors include Passion Capital, Taavet Hinrikus, co-founder of TransferWise and the first employee at Skype and Adam Knight, former Managing Director at Goldman Sachs and Global Head of Commodities at Credit Suisse.Coinfloor has been operating with no disruptions since its launch in March 2014.Key People:Adam Knight - ChairmanMark Lamb - CEOObi Nwosu - CTO

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