Colourtext is a UK-based media research & consumer insight company. We're experts in market segmentation, audience analysis, data analytics, influencer & trend analysis, media strategy and advertising effectiveness.We specialise in the design and delivery of global-scale research & insight programs - we work as partners with our clients to bring data to life and embed new knowledge into the culture of their organisations.Colourtext works mainly with clients in the media and technology industries, but also brings innovations first developed here to clients in other fields such as healthcare, charities and education.We continually develop new technologies that expand the capabilities we bring to projects. A recent innovation is our semantic AI technology that automatically captures and analyses marketing and promotional activity on Facebook and Twitter. This system identifies social media posts containing information about special offers, discounts, sales, new products, store openings, special events and a wide range of consumer outreach activities. We've used this to create a global market intelligence dataset that's enabling new ways to conduct trend forecasting and competitor profiling.

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