Cortex brings a new and broader approach to BI/Data Analytics software. BI products were designed with the mindset that useful data resided solely on companies own transactional systems. The problem is that, today, the Internet is full of new and interesting data sources, and many of them are unstructured in nature (PDF/PPT files, full text, images, videos, etc). Blogs and news sources have soared, trade associations now make industry data available on their websites, Latin American local governments publish relevant data on their chaotic websites, and consumers share their thoughts over both global and local social media platforms (Twitter, Facebook, ReclameAqui, etc). Cortex is the only platform today that fully tackles that problem in Latin America. Cortex combines world class BI features with the ability to easily subscribe to several external market data feeds. It is also the only of its kind to seamlessly analyze both quantitative and textual data. Cortex is SaaS, on the cloud, and it has an amazing UX designed to make it as self service as possible for business users. Set-up happens in days/weeks instead of quarters.

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Big Data