CreativiTIC Innova is an ICT engineering SME founded in 2011 and located in La Rioja (Spain). The company researches the latest technologies to offer innovative and creative solutions in fields such as education and eHealth and services in tourism, marketing, IoTs and Industry 4.0. From its beginnings the company has dedicated a great part of its effort to R&D in Augmented Reality and Mixed Reallity technologies.Our products include: ARMol: a molecular viewer in augmented reality for mobile devices, Arqlogy: a mobile augmented reality experience for cultural heritage and archeological remains, HoloDeck 4D (pending patent) a 4D multipurpose immersive visualization system to improve the accuracy, speed and efficiency for clinical diagnosis in Nuclear Medicine, Augmented Class!: an Augmented and Virtual reality platform for education that empowers students and teachers to make and share engaging gamified AR & VR projects without programming skills and Augmented caRe!: A therapeutic technology for patients with Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD).CreativiTIC is a pioneer company on working exclusively with Augmented and Virtual Reality and from visual computation to 3D environments, mobile developments or gamification, combining innovation and technology applied to different needs, with a special focus on education and biomedicine.CreativiTIC has been present in several Augmented Reality Conferences and Exhibitions with its products, Dublin WebSummit 2014, 2nd European Augmented Reality Marketing Conference & Business Exchange 2015 in Ireland or Las Vegas CollisionConf 2015. From its beginnings the company has dedicated a great part of its effort to R&D, being its current R&D programs:- Embedded Engineering Learning Platform (FP7 E2LP - VIRUSES National e-health research project developed Center for Biomedical Research of La Rioja ( Augmented Class! - Augmented Carer! -

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