Headquartered in Edinburgh, Scotland, with a branch office in San Jose, California, CriticalBlue has been operating for fifteen years and is a well-established part of the Edinburgh technological scene.CriticalBlue provides software analysis and optimization services to global blue chip semiconductor customers and OEMs in fast moving sectors such as smartphone, tablet, telecom/networking, and automotive vision systems. CriticalBlue guides software developers through the task of migrating to and optimizing code on multicore platforms through the delivery of innovative and multicore software focused tools, training and services, including Prism, a multicore embedded software design environment.CriticalBlue launched Approov ( to close the gap between the current web-oriented security solutions and the growing need for more trust in the app channel. Approov enables a fundamental advance in the digital economy security ecosystem by protecting digital assets from cyber-attacks and fraud vectors and re-establishing the two-way trust needed to truly secure any digital business.

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