Who We AreCrocodile Digital is an innovation partner focused on helping traditional businesses of all sizes achieve BIG visions in the digital age. The company was founded in 2010 by former Microsoft Principal Engineer and Regional Director, Stephen Fulcher, to provide .NET web application development and consulting services. Since then, we have expanded our team and capabilities to include PHP development, mobile app development, and agency services for online marketing & advertising.Our Value Proposition1) We're a one-stop shop for digital services. Our team of technology and marketing experts enables us to deliver fully integrated digital solutions that include custom software development and targeted marketing campaigns. This is a key differentiator from many of our competitors because it enables us to evaluate your business potential from a diversified perspective and then leverage our deep expertise in technology to help you realize your strategic goals.2) We're lean. Our mission and passion is to see sky high visions become a reality on down to earth budgets. That's why we've worked hard to eliminate traditional agency overhead and approach every engagement with a single focus on the solutions that will achieve the greatest return on investment for our clients. For the majority of new engagements, we're able to work at a blended rate of $60 per hour.3) We're scalable. Our lean business model is made possible through our tested relationships with established on-shore and off-shore delivery partners. Through these partnerships, we're able to minimize the traditional costs of overhead employees and underutilized labor while maintaining access to more than 170 developers, designers, and related technical experts with specializations that span our service capabilities. As a result, we're able to partner with and deliver innovative digital solutions to traditional businesses of all sizes.We Can't Wait To Work With You!

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