CybelAngel is a cybersecurity start-up company. Our innovative solution is designed to help companies detect data leaks and technical threats in real time. Our proprietary Big Data algorithm enables us to detect threats on the Deep and Dark Web. The collected data is then automatically filtered and analyzed by our team of analysts. If the data is proven critical, alerts are quickly sent to our customers so that they can react in time. We perform real-time scans of the Dark Web, in other words, open communication channels commonly used by hackers: forums, blogs, social networks or public file hosting platforms. We identify threats that target our customers or their subsidiaries and we find the firm-specific stolen data (credit cards, logins / passwords, source codes, confidential documents). Our technology also allows us to keep a watch on freely available connected devices : the Deep Web. In this Internet of Things, we can find non-secure data servers, security cameras, IP phones. We are also able to detect unprotected hardware as well as sensitive files (databases files, contracts, calls supply or strategic plans) that belong to our customers, most of them part of the French CAC 40. Awards:- 2014 Innovative SME award, Cybsersecurity, International Cybersecurity Forum Handed by Airbus Defense and Space & Capgemini-Sogeti CEOs in January 2014. - 2014 laureate, Big Data Section at the Worldwide Innovation Challenge (selected out of 600 projects)Handed by the French Prime Minister.- 2016 Slush Pitching Competition

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Cyber Security