Cybershield is industry leading supplier of metallized plastic solutions. We work with design engineers at our customers in wide range of industries, including: Cybershield offers conductive coatings tailored to address broad range of EMI shielding, RFI shielding and ESD Discharge requirements. Conductive coating solutions include * Electroless plating on plastic (selective plating,i.e., plating on only specified surfaces, or plating on all surfaces) * Conductive paint application * Conductive dispensed gasket (also called form-in-place gasket). * We also electroplate plastic parts for applications that require enhanced EMI shielding performance or heightened corrosion and wear resistance. We utilize our electroplating plastic expertise to offer decorative chrome plating on plastic, including bright chrome plating and satin chrome plating. Cybershield can supply turnkey part or assembly. We can take your design and produce a finished component or assembly to

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