Cyndx is an open technology platform that enhances and streamlines all points along the capital raising process from discovery to closing with a focus on serving investors, companies and executives alike. Unlike other deal bulletin boards, Cyndx provides a confidential forum to market securities to a curated list of accredited investors. It is led by experienced executives in both investment banking and technology development.The company seeks to democratize the private capital markets by increasing the transparency, discoverability and speed to all players in the market. The platform leverages technology, data and personal service to improve the outcome of every transaction. The platform brings a broad set of investors including family offices, private equity, venture capital and hedge funds to the market.CyndX allows the right deals to be seen by the right investors using more information to create a better long term relationship between management and capital. CyndX informs deal discovery and evaluation with data from industry leaders such as CrunchBase, LinkedIn, and other data sources. They partner with best in class service providers to add efficiency and security to a process that traditionally has been been slow and opaque.The platform is free to join and open to accredited investors and entrepreneurs seeking to raise capital.

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