One of the core purposes of legal tech products is to shrink the time and effort needed for early case management and trial preparation. To achieve that goal, DataNovo has created the first AI- and machine learning-based system that offers three core features: (1) licensing; (2) automated prior art searches; and (3) patent analytics. For licensing, with a single key stroke, DataNovo's Software-as-a-Service platform allows any individual or corporate entity to identify potential infringers and associated infringing products to every U.S. patent, and helps patent owners advance monetization efforts and secure licensing opportunities. For automated prior art searches, with a single patent number (instead of keywords), DataNovo offers users the most relevant, never-cited prior art against that patent instantaneously. Using artificial intelligence and machine learning, DataNovo aims to reduce search speed, improve result accuracy, and minimize cost. Not that it does away with keywords a

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