DataStax helps companies like Netflix, ING, British Gas, Intuit power data management for their cloud applications. The customers of these companies have billions of defining moments each second around the globe. The moment they get that personalized online deal, watch a streamed movie, manage their finances with ease, know exactly when a package will arrive, efficiently manage a manufacturing process or visit a new physician who already has all the information she needs about her patient. DataStax is the power behind these moments.Did you know that the average company loses between $1- $5 million for every hour of downtime - whether it is a complex trading system or online commerce1? And did you know that companies that deliver the best customer experience perform five times better than their peers2? These experiences are better because they are highly personalized, responsive and relevant. And these interactions need to be always-on, handle effortless scale and avail of instantly actionable insight. Each of these interactions can be a defining moment in an enterprise's journey with its customer powered by DataStax.DataStax Enterprise - the always-on data platform for cloud applications - is rated #1 by Gartner across multiple categories for operational databases.

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