In the late 1970s, George Lang invented a new product for the mainframe: the first-ever application development testing and data management software tool, DataVantage for IMS. While supporting a group of 40+ programmers who were moving through the complexities of developing a worldwide IMS application, George developed this time-saving tool which facilitated the automatic creation of an IMS catalogue, data editing in IMS databases, sub-setting large databases, as well as the ability to create queries and review before and after comparisons of changed data in either batch or online environments all of which was revolutionary during that period. Starting in 1982 DataVantage was marketed by Online Software International (OSI). In 1991, OSI was purchased by Computer Associates (CA) who sold DataVantage globally until 1997 when Direct Computer Resources, led by the original founders George Lang, Len Bernstein, Joe Buonomo and Bill Vitiello, reacquired DataVantage for IMS. The founders

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