DataVisor is a leading financial crime prevention service utilizing unsupervised machine learning to drastically improve detection accuracy. As the first company to deploy unsupervised machine learning at a massive scale, DataVisor flips the problem on its head by not relying on prior knowledge of attack patterns. By definition, DataVisor stays ahead of the financial criminals and helps prevent banking crime, not just clean up the damage after it happens. DataVisor's machine learning engine detects malicious transactions in real-time, to dramatically reduce false positives and false negatives. With its unique algorithm for financial crime prevention there is no need for customers to update rules or models in order to stay ahead of fraudsters as they modify their attack techniques in the attempt to evade detection.The company is founded by the world's experts in Internet security and is backed by NEA, the largest venture capital firm by assets under management and GSR, which has over $1B under management and specializes in high tech companies focused on China and global markets. DataVisor is based in Mountain View, CA.

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