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The business environment today is tough, challenging, and moving at exponential pace. But it’s also full of opportunities. Learn more

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Intelligent Automation New Orleans speaker, Veer G. Chockalingam, SWBC's VP, Strategic Vendor Management, walks us through some of the common mistakes people make when implementing RPA Learn more

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New report explores the barriers to adoption of autonomous vehicles in the UK, and beyond. A new report by PA Consulting Group forecasts that autonomous vehicles (AVs) won’t be widespread on UK roads until at least 2027. Learn more

AIIA - Banking on AI [Infographic]

The upcoming AIIA Network report on banking and finance, will chart the rapid impact of artificial intelligence on banking, financial services and insurance and what effect it could have on customer engagement, efficiency and cost reduction. In this infographic get a quick overview of what themes the report will explore. Learn more

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From assigning change champions to communicating governance structures, these are the seven steps critical to automation success Learn more

AIIA - RPA and AI Analysis The Finance Industry

Aside from cryptocurrency companies – like Bitcoin – technological improvements have been incremental rather than radical. The physical bank remains antiquated, built on an infrastructure that almost goads new institutions to challenge the status-quo. In this report learn more about the future of RPA in banking and financial services Learn more

AIIA - The future of robotic process automation and artificial intelligence benchmarking

PEX Network’s future of robotic process automation and artificial intelligence bench marking report will provide you with an assessment of the key priorities and areas of investment. Learn more

AIIA - Accenture financial services distribution & marketing consumer banking study

Consumer behaviors and expectations are shifting in ways that are forcing banks to both redefine their priorities and transform their distribution models. To help map and describe these changes, Accenture’s 2017 Financial Services Global Distribution & Marketing Consumer Study gathered the views of more than 32,000 banking customers across 18 markets. Learn more

AIIA - Accenture - Driving Unconventional Growth though IoT

This report from Accenture combines their research on Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) uses cases and current thinking, along with conversations with their clients and subject matter experts, suggests that executives must meet three imperatives: boost revenues by increasing production and creating hybrid business models, fuel innovation with intelligent technologies, and transform the workforce for the IIoT. Learn more

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As IoT continues to evolve and gain traction, utilities have an opportunity to drive a real shift in how they engage with customers to enable smarter communities and better manage energy and water. Jim Baker, SCADA Acquisition Manager at the Water Corporation in Western Australia, explains out the steps he feels should be taken to develop and roll-out IoT and how the Australian utilities can harness and benefit from Water Industry Telemetry Standards protocol focused on IoT for water applications. Learn more

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50 whitepaper results
of 5

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