How to A/B Test and Roll out Machine Learning

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Artificial intelligence (AI) has graced media headlines over the past year, with many citing how it will revolutionise the way companies operate. And they’re not wrong. 

Major organisations are investing into AI capability in a variety of forms – many by way of machine-learning. The technology presents an opportunity to capture and analyse behavioural trends in real-time, which can enable companies to: 

  • Deliver services to people more efficiently; 
  • Build a community of steadfast advocates for their business; and 
  • Prosper in an increasingly competitive environment. 

Pinterest recently revealed to the world its new machine-learning search tool, which is based on image recognition. People on Pinterest can click on any item within an image and the platform examines its entire database to provide visually comparable results. 

This is an extraordinary step for Pinterest, as the phenomenon continues to gain traction among communities worldwide. 

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