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December 15, 2017 by Megan Wright
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An automated process is more efficient than one that isn’t automated—even if it’s imperfect—says Thoughtonomy’s Terry Walby
December 14, 2017 by Sudhir Sen
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How can organizations come out of a self-imposed moratorium on cognitive bots and unlock huge automation potential?
December 12, 2017 by Katie Sadler
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When it comes to AI's creative potential, brands have only just scratched the surface says We Are Social's innovation director Tom Ollerton
December 11, 2017 by Katie Sadler
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Around 90 per cent of the world’s data was generated in the past two years alone, presenting the biomedical sector with a significant challenge, said Professor Jackie Hunter
December 11, 2017 by Seth Adler
susanne skaarup headshot
Robotics isn't just a tool—it's an entire paradigm shift, says Danske Bank's head of robotics Susanne Skaarup
December 7, 2017 by AIIA Network Research
hospital thumb
We've rounded up the companies leading the way when it comes to robotic healthcare systems and medical industry automation
December 6, 2017 by The Conversation
The impact of autonomous vehicles will reach far beyond our roadways, disrupting the entire landscape of our towns and cities
December 4, 2017 by Seth Adler
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The first step to successful automation is to understand the market and technology that you're dealing with explains Ericsson's Alexander Hubel
November 23, 2017 by AIIA Network Research
speed automation thumb
How do we know intelligent automation is real and not just more hype? IA exists, is delivering results, and is growing, according to recent industry figures
November 23, 2017 by Nick Andrews
support thumb
When it comes to intelligent automation, high quality support and a nuanced understanding of methodology are criticial to success, writes Virtual Operations' executive chairman, Nick Andrews
88 article results
of 9

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