174 Key Takeaways From AI EMEA LIVE

Here's what our online event speakers revealed, distilled and in their own words

Seth Adler

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With over 1,500 registrants, it was clear that the AI EMEA LIVE online event was much needed. And the event delivered thanks to our stellar webinar sessions fulfilling their promise of practical insight into moving AI forward in your business.

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Thank you to our presenters, partners and sponsors for making the event such a success. Whether or not you participated, I’ve taken the opportunity to capture key takeaways from each session in the words of the presenters themselves.

We’ll leave analysis for another time and place — this is what happened, as it happened...

A few of my personal favorites..

  • You must find a way to harmonize your big data set of unstructured data into a data set that you can actually use or that has meaning for you. And to do that you need talent.
  • It’s important that you have a person who’s able to connect the worlds of business and IT while working with you on the vision.
  • Which new coded technologies are going to replace the old coded interaction models?
  • It’s not about competing against technology; maybe it’s competing with technology to create something that will define the next evolutionary phase.
  • People now want to be served 24 hours a day and automation and these kind of technologies will enable us to meet those expectations.
  • Science fiction has increasingly become science fact.
  • One of the most powerful things is not only skilling and reskilling the workforce but also reskilling the education system.
  • Digital transformation is about creating a better customer experience.
  • It’s hard to change because we’ve organized our businesses into these functional silos.
  • Improving the efficiency in a particular area can actually magnify weakness in a process.
  • In the face of that unprecedented velocity of change, we must take action.
  • You must find a mid-cycle cadence even though we’re at the beginning of the industry’s journey.

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