Decreasing future spend now, self-disruption & more

Pearls of wisdom from Episodes 81-85 of the AI & Intelligent Automation Network podcast

Seth Adler

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The pearls of wisdom from the AI & Intelligent Automation podcast for episodes 81-85 include decreasing future spend now, fixing what's broken, adding new skills, self-disruption and your automated life.

Decreasing future spend now

Ep. 81: Anders Emil Balk-Mølle, Danske Bank

"We still need to make sure that we have quality, and that we ensure being a regulated industry, that we're not just letting loose and forget about compliance and regulations. Because business sometimes tends to do that."

Anders is discussing not only current regulations but future regulations. Those who set up their enterprise AI infrastructure with consideration of future policy guard against wasting time and resources now while ensuring decreased spend in the future.


If it is broken, do fix it

Ep. 82: James Potter, UK Cabinet Office

"With intelligent automation, one of the big challenges is the expectation of senior management and staff. It will improve processes or it'll improve speed and delivery of process, but it won't fix a broken process."

And so it goes with enterprise process...and while we're at it- enterprise data. Your current enterprise can move more quickly with cogent use of intelligent automation technologies. You can also waste money on advice and solutions on utilizing that technology if you don't realize your current basic process inefficiencies. Technology is not a silver bullet. But it can kill you. This goes for your data too. What data are you pulling in through your current processes? Is it the data that you need for your future enterprise? If it is broken, do fix it.


Adding new skills

Episode 83: Kate Levchuk, Forbes Columnist

"Transhumanism is the ideology that says that we as human beings, as human species, have the right and even the obligation to improve ourselves."

No matter what you call it- you and your team need to adopt new skills to add value to your current and future enterprise. Diversify the talent on your team. Add new members with new skills. And ensure that you bring new skills to your team, your management, your enterprise and self.



Ep. 84: Sai Giridhar Ramasamy, Lloyd's Banking Group

"We have our own machine learning team- which we call the machine intelligence program. Within that team we have various intelligent automation and robotic process automation labs. Those labs think and come up with new ways of doing things- and have the flexibility to test."

Sai notes that the business has a seperate ML team where they can ideate and test new approaches to the business. If used correctly, this approach ensures your enterprise is pushing the envelope on how the newest technologies can positively affect the most storied enterprise. This is self-disruption.


Your automated life

Ep. 85: Meltem Ballan, GM

"Some of those automated features that we started to use are becoming part of our life, and we cannot go back."

Meltem intones that all new automation is universal in nature. This brings to mind the Amazon affect where humans have come to expect the Amazon experience everywhere. When 'everything' is available to me now and sent to me posthaste I get used to having what I want right away. If an enterprise doesn't provide everything I want right away, I'll choose another enterprise. As you know, this is true for your talent and your customers.