Innovation relevance, creativity empowerment & more

Pearls of wisdom from Episodes 71-75 of the AI & Intelligent Automation Network podcast

Seth Adler

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Revisiting P&G and finding innovation relevance, the means of change being the constant, happy paths of least resistance, creativity empowerment. And revisiting the Bank of England and finding that straightforward intelligent automation grants you the opportunity to redeploy resources.

Innovation Relevance

Episode 71: John Barraclough, P&G

What we want to do is before we do anything, we need to make sure that we develop a relevant business process. We think the only way to get relevance is to understand the customer and the users because fundamentally, if they're bought in and they've got clear requirements, then what we create will be relevant and will achieve what we want to do.

When the AI & Intelligent Automation Network was invited to New Castle, England to visit P&G, it was clear that the team was lazer focused on digital transformation through intelligent automation. For that team, these were not just idioms- they were what and how. The why was relevance- to the customer and how that relevance could redefine the customer journey.


The means of change are constant

Episode 72: Roxane Lungu, P&G

I see change in terms of evolution. The constant is the way we get there. Its exciting and challenging.

When Roxane says that the means of change is constant she's noting that the team is focused on delivering for who the customer will become. The change is the evolution and the constant is the journey.


Happy paths of least resistance

Episode 73: Ale Marvaldi, P&G

If we know that people have an objective and are committed against it, they look for the path of least resistance. And UX designer job is to make sure that the path of least resistance is exactly the one that we design. So we create a single road from A to B.

Intelligent Automation not only includes subject matter experts at P&G- it includes top-level buy-in, management, mid-managment, human resources and ux design. The thinking is- whatever the team needs to easily and quickly establish and change innvoation interaction, they immediately have the right tools to expedite.


Creativity empowerment

Episode 74: Sinead Devine, P&G

It's that creativity of thinking of, 'Could I send them something different? Could I send them somewhere else? Could I develop it in a different way that actually makes their life better versus they receive it on a monthly basis and they file it?'

The carbon-based workforce is empowered to be creative and to change output. That means the re-engineering of process is in mind as opposed to simply automating process as quickly as possible to catch-up to yesterday. When focusing simply on automating process- the focus is on the past. When examining what I how the process can truly change in nature- the focus is on the future. 


Redeploying resources

Episode 75: Beju Shah, Bank of England

We're redeploying resources to use them better because of the automation we're bringing in.

Beju, along his organization and nation are on a journey. He and his team are ensuring they control what they can control- which is to automate what they can and redeploy resources accordingly. Simple, straightforward movement.