Quantum supremacy is reportedly akin to the Wright Brothers' first flight

Google is at least 2.5 days faster than IBM

Seth Adler

Quantum vacuum

Into the quantum vacuum we go. Rather than focus on physics at the macroscopic scale, Quantum computing uses the smallest scale atoms and subatomic particles to get to the lowest energy state possible which allows computations that normal computing can't handle.

1's and 0's need not be stored on seperate bits. They can be stored on the same bit- exponentially increasing the possible amount of compute.

Quantum supremacy

So with a paper published in Nature, Google has stated that they have proven that their quantum computers can computationally surpass super-computers. Google says what they did in 200 seconds can be done by a super computer in 10,000 years. But IBM says, that same computation would take 2.5 days.

Watch Google's video