151 takeaways from AI LIVE Global

Actionable insight from the AI & Intelligent Automation Network digital conference

Seth Adler

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AI LIVE Global (April 2019) was the AI & Intelligent Automation Network’s fifth online event.

Data, Analytics, Cybersecurity, AI strategy and ROI, Transformation and ultimately rethinking that enterprise transformation were key themes on the agenda.

Whether or not you participated, I’ve taken the opportunity to capture key takeaways from each session in the words of the presenters themselves. We’ll leave analysis for another time and place — this is what happened, as it happened...

A few of my personal favorites:

  • Applying automation to any and every process is not only a waste of time; it might even be detrimental in improving any benefits.
  • Machine learning in itself is just algorithms. What you want to solve is a business problem, and if machine learning’s going to help you do that, then you need to have product people, UI people, software people, ops people, everybody collaborating together to nd the best solution to that business problem.
  • Synthesize and normalize your captured data so you can validate and authenticate your data into a more useful format.
  • Knowledge is captured, as long as that knowledge is translated to action.
  • Human beings are a harder problem to solve than the dataset or the tech.
  • Secure the data-in-motion and secure the data-at-rest.
  • Automation through an e ective digital transformation initiative drives strategic business objectives of customer experience transformation, improving the time to market for the product and services, optimizing cost while looking at enhancing revenue growth.
  • Change management is a very important aspect in the intelligent automation journey and has to be driven both from within the organization and also with the help of the service provider.
  • We should no longer treat customers as something that exist outside of the borders of the company.
  • Incentivize people on how many times they fail.

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