The AI & Intelligent Network Podcast Episode 26-30 Key Learnings

Having nothing to hide, dealing with your piecemeal stack, your toolbox, your leadership and the market

Seth Adler

As you may know, the AI & Intelligent Automation Network releases a new podcast episode each week. 

Here, we highlight top intelligent automation insights from episodes 26-30. Our aim is to provide a voice for the business discipline of AI & Intelligent Automation. Through personal conversation, we’ve already had the pleasure of interacting with some incredible practitioners in this field. Episodes 26-30 feature case study anecdotes from Swiss Re, DVB Bank and Fidelity to name a few. Within each of these conversations, we’ve garnered dozens of key learning points from each executive’s personal career.

So here are our favorite learnings from episodes 26-30. You can tune in to listen to the rest of the series here or subscribe on iTunes.

Ep. 26: Patricia Hatter 

Board Member, Barrick Gold Corporation 

“You must get that buy in and that trust between IT and the rest of the business- because there really is a concern of- 'where is the money going?' Not just we 'aren’t that effective,' but really 'where is it going?' As you can let people know there's nothing to hide- we can debate whether we wanna move budgets around and we can talk about that every day- but there's nothing to hide.” 

Patty is a CIO’s CIO. Her point is that no matter the project, enterprise partners are going to wonder what you’re doing with resources that could be possibly used more effectively and efficiently elsewhere. So in addition to repositioning your culture, your change management hurdles, your issues with the particular technology at hand and proving the business case up the chain…you also need to prove the business case across the enterprise. 

Ep. 27: Cyndi Creamer 

VP, Snr. Process Automation Dsnr. , Swiss Re 

"You have a whole toolbox, and this is just one of tools in there. So, if you've been piecemealing your system together for years, and all of a sudden you realize, "Wait. We have a lot of gaps," do you want to keep filling in those gaps with robotics or do you want to say, "Hey, maybe we need to re-look at our platform.” 

Cyndi goes beyond the concept that intelligent automation isn’t a silver bullet…which it’s not. Cyndi is talking about your legacy tech issues. If you’re layering RPA on to what you layered on for cloud for what you layered on for mobile for what you layered on after ERP…you’re doomed. Take a step back. Then take another step back. What’s in your tech stack? Good question? Deal with that first. And if this has already been made painfully obvious to you through RPA failing, rest assured- you’ve got plenty of company. 

Ep.28: Nick Burgess  

Frm. Pgrm. Mgr, Robotics CoE , Danske Bank

"In my shop, and within my organization, there's a whole host of different things that are potentially better solutions to solve those specific business problems, and you need to be cognizant of that. So it could be actually a robotics solution is the right answer in the short to medium term, with a view to moving to a reasonable API in the longer term. It may be you need a case management solution, it needs to be carefully thought through. That should be done, in my opinion, again, in conjunction with the technology teams, and with the architects to make sure you can work with the optimal solutions." 

Nick is the one diving in on your toolbox. He’s letting you know that if you’ve got talented tech minded business leaders in charge of transformation which includes automation, remember the quick fixes. Remember there are many ways to 'skin a cat.’ And to mix metaphors and reference some 90’s R&B all at the same time, before you go chasing waterfall’s and switch to agile thinking- please make sure that your rivers and your lakes are optimized with the tools and resources that are already in-house. 

Ep.29: Charles Mulinder 

Head of IA & Change , Fidelity 

“All of these things come together. You need to look at all the threads of what you're dealing with at particular time, gain that organizational confidence in your delivery capability, generate the momentum. They all need to come together and that's part of your job as a change leader." 

Square peg, square hole. Charles notes what we all know but don’t necessarily practice so well- this is all about change management. Congratulations on getting senior-level buy-in. Way to go on actually delivering on your initial mission. Kudos on the momentum for your automation initiative- you’re really ready to add cognitive solutions and scale globally. But are the people with you? If not, how much longer can you succeed? 

Ep.30: Ingo Zymni

System Engineer, DVB Bank

"The cost benefit of the solution is based on the scope and scale of the client in question."

Ingo is pointing out that the market is changing. At some point, large global enterprise will be far enough along that the rest of the market will need to be addressed. Like, now.