4 Change Management Pointers from Loren Mahon, Oracle

The Oracle CEO Office VP Finance Systems joins us on the AIIA Network Podcast

Seth Adler

Loren Mahon, VP Finance Systems, Oracle CEO Office, was interviewed on the AIIA Network Podcast to share career and life lessons along with some excellent pointers on change management for her peers. 

Oracle VP Finance Loren Mahon

  1. Have a methodology, use that methodology and articulate it across the organization so that everyone who’s involved in or touched by business transformation understands what you’re doing.
  2. The other piece of that is that everyone understands the strategy — why are we doing it. I’ve got to think about best practices, simplification, I’ve got to think about where to create standardization in the organization. That’s the change management. Hardest step of the four. Takes the longest, has the biggest ROI. The one everyone wants to skip because you’ve got to make people do something different than they’re doing today.  
  3. The secret sauce is making sure you’ve got the right leadership to support the methodology.  
  4. In order for change management to work you’ve got to have leaders who are willing to be participant observers.  

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