How to capture and scale tacit enterprise knowledge

Capturing the tacit knowledge of skilled workers is a hugely valuable resource

Seth Adler

Typically documenting best practices and standard operating procedures is a time consuming and costly undertaking that takes time away from workers doing higher value work.

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Your challenges include:

  • A current inability to capture tacit talent wisdom, knowledge and expertise in SOPs before they move on from your enterprise
  • New employees coming on board who need to be trained and brought up to speed quickly, efficiently and as cost-effectively as possible
  • Current training methods that are not sufficient to handle the complexity and breadth of products or processes that new or re-deployed workers are facing
  • Remote work conditions that require new ways to capture knowledge and share it with new, redeployed and/or geographically dispersed workers

This Demo discusses:

How to rapidly capture domain knowledge that can then be shared with workers across the organization.

Walk away understanding how to:

  • Easily capture specialized knowledge – in most organizations today much of the domain expertise is held by a few tenured employees, many of which are retiring. The information is often not documented or exists in large or outdated manuals.
  • Create step-by-step instructions to be used for training and instruction. Visual AR-enabled guidance increases worker accuracy and safety.
  • Quickly scale expertise when and where it is needed on a variety of devices – this reduces cost of training and helps get new or redeployed workers up to speed much faster.
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