Robotics to Digital: Traversing the automation journey

Shankar Balasubramanian discusses moving away from RPA towards intelligent automation

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Seth Adler

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Investment has happened, the journey is well on it's way and now it's time to not only realize some tangible transformation benefits but sustain said transformation to various levels of automation across your global enterprise.

Shankar asks, 'what's next after robotics?' You have made an investment in RPA and are reaping transformational benefits out of it- but how do you sustain this transformation and grow it multifold. Join our webinar to explore:

  • Why RPA is not a stop gap arrangement but your stepping stone to being truly digital
  • How you can traverse the journey from being a Robotics Adopter to Digital Disruptor
  • Purposeful approaches to embrace other Automation technologies
  • Success stories of Robotics to Digital
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