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Hexaware is one of the fastest growing global IT, BPS and consulting companies. Hexaware's ‘Shrink IT Grow DIGITAL’ strategy focusses on enabling global organizations to significantly shrink their operational spend by leveraging robotic automation and digital technologies. Hexaware’s goal is to become the first IT/BPS company to have a 50% digital workforce.

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Research indicates that organizations are spending anywhere from 30% to 40% more than what they should on commodity business and IT operations. Hexaware’s focus is to empower its customers to shrink this spend through an offering called Digital Managed Services (DMS); by deploying various aspects of Robotic Process Automation, chat BOTs, artificial intelligence, machine learning and analytics.

Hexaware has invested in best breed RPA platforms like Automation Anywhere, WorkFusion, UiPath, BluePrism and Pega Systems to:

  • Ensure that customers can leverage significant innovation and avoid lock-in to a platform
  • Ensure spread of capabilities across standard RPA as well as machine learning
  • Establish partnerships with analytics providers and specific tools used for OCR / ICR and Natural Language Processing capabilities to handle unstructured data

In addition, Hexaware has invested in front office process automation; including virtual assistants, conversational BOTs and multi-channel customer interaction platforms to drive digital customer experience, given the significant opportunity to add value to customers.



  • 40+ RPA projects
  • Invested in an RPA research lab for faster identification of RPA potential and processes led by 400+ analyst and technology experts
  • Noted as LEADER in automation by key analyst organizations & reputed industry bodies
  • $526mn IT/BPS company with 13500+ employees and 31 global delivery centers
  • Industry focus: banking, financial services, healthcare, insurance, telecom, manufacturing, retail, education, travel, transportation and logistics

Success stories

  • Enabled the second largest global bank to take giant leap in digital & robotics space resulting in 47% reduction in headcount & $7mn TCO saving
  • 40% AHT reduction for a large European telecom operator through automation-led back office transformation


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