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Seth Adler

As we noted in the Scaling the Digital Workforce Quick Guide, the pace of change of this fourth industrial revolition is unique. While it is important to recognize the urgency of adopting and scaling a digital workforce, it is equally important to be deliberate in identifying desired final outcomes and long-term goals.

In the first part of her session, Caroline will discuss three concepts she's noticed throughout her history as a top-level executive in global corporate enterprise:

  • She'll discuss the push and pull of centralizing vs. decentralizing with the realization that industry, like a 'pendulum,' does swing back and forth on common wisdom.
  • She'll discuss 'exponential factors' which, each time they occur- change the fabric of how we work.
  • And she'll discuss the third concept- 'technology adoption timing.' Postulating that as close to perfect as possible is paramount. 

That Scaling Quick Guide also mentions that implementing technology with the sole reason of not being left behind is fraught with danger.  Indeed, starting with a long-term, fully fleshed-out vision is imperative.

At the start of his session, Justin will lay out how it worked at Verizon. He discusses stitching processes together with different types of augmentation and automation through the lens of customer support. He'll note that a tremendous amount of capital and time was spent to get the enterprise to get a single view...and then layering on something elegant on top. 

Finally, the Scaling the Digital Workforce Quick Guide, advises to ask the following questions:

  • What are we providing to your customers now?
  • How can that change with a digital workforce?
  • What does that mean for the future of your enterprise?
  • Will our goods/services change?
  • How will that affect our consumers?

And a final question might be, why haven't you registered (for free) for the Scaling the Digital Workforce event taking place on April 28-29?