AI LIVE Global 2020 [EVENT]

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Seth Adler

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The AI & Intelligent Automation Network’s 8th digital event and 3rd Global installation marks the first time in 2020 to digitally gather with your corporate enterprise practitioner colleagues.

AI LIVE Global has a forward thinking focus. Three agenda sessions in particular focus in on system integration, the future of work and AI opportunity.

AI Evolution

Bob Kurpershoek discusses that your enterprise cannot evolve without taking a hard look at the systems you have in place. Further, he notes- while looking at your systems, look at your data. Understand where your data is located and how you can seamlessly integrate that data into one large data lake through system integration.

AI Workforce

Max Just discusses that your enterprise is being disrupted from employee expectations. Every generation in your workforce has high expectations of how your technology works for them. His thinking is that you must be focused on the employee experience at least as much as you are focused on the customer experience. Through a tour of employee technology touch points, Max discusses how AI can support, develop and evolve your workforce.

AI Opportunity

Ayodele Olabiyi discusses how he and his peers are connecting the African continent through artificial intelligence. With each nation having a distinct language – Ayodele explains how his efforts in Nigeria are resonate in Somalia and all 54 African nations. This session is a use case for connecting disparate parts of your enterprise who speak different languages and/or use distinct lexicons.

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AI LIVE Global 2020

At least 4 reasons to corporate enterprise practitioners are joining us: 

  • Benchmark your enterprise against EMEA industry leaders
  • Pick up last minute stratagems for your 2020 strategy
  • Realize what you might be doing wrong through best practice case studies
  • Focus your energy on what you might be doing right through best practice use cases 

Key Themes:

  • AI & IA Data Optimization
  • Collaborative Human & Machine Learning
  • Cognitive Automation w/Unstructured Data
  • Predictive Analytics To Future-Proof Your Enterprise
  • Applying Deep Learning Within Your Enterprise Through Vision & Speech
  • Process, Differences & Behavior: Supervised, Unsupervised & Reinforcement Learning Goals 

What to expect:

  • Access to cutting edge content, world class speakers and next-generation technology from the comfort of your desk
  • Discussion of your most pressing issues
  • Actionable key takeaways to implement now
  • The opportunity to outpace disruption 

Who’s Attending?

  • CEO’s, CFO’s, CIO’s
  • Head, Director’s of Innovation
  • Head’s, Director’s of Transformation
  • Head, Director’s of IT
  • Global enterprise AI & IA practitioners
  • Providers of AI & IA solutions/services

Register now to join your global corporate enterprise peers.