Pause & reflect [VIDEO]

Flawed Reality w/Tyrone Grandison

Tyrone Grandison

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Ty and Seth take some time to step back from this flawed reality we live in and discuss some of the unintended consequences of tech in the past 30 years.

  1. Ty gets real about the power of AI—or lack thereof—and its tendency to be overhyped.
  2. Machine learning isn’t a one-size-fit-all. The nuances behind the name often get overlooked.
  3. In order to leverage ML effectively, it’s time to get real about Big Data, talent, and engage in some critical self-assessment.
  4. Ty lays out the three steps that need to take place before responsible change can happen and shareholders can be appeased.
  5. Even once a successful AI strategy has been implemented, updating and evolving that strategy must be an ongoing effort.
  6. KPIs and constant monitoring play into that evolution.
  7. Ty equates today’s popular view of ML to the honeymoon phase and warns against overlooking certain aspects of this “relationship.”
  8. ML biases are currently inevitable, but how we choose to handle them—or not—is within our control.

Listen to Ty and Seth discuss these points in their entirety below.