How to deploy flexible intelligent automation to your diverse network

Apply Orchestration & Automation to your entprise

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Adrian Bevan

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Discover how to apply flexible intelligent process automation that coordinates diverse network and technology applications

Intelligent automation

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Traditionally, telecom operators have managed their networks via Command Line Interface (CLI) and vendor specific Element Management Systems (EMS), using a suite of commands and/or Graphical User Interface. These Network Elements and their associated EMS were often from a single vendor. Operational Support Systems (OSS) were introduced to complement the EMS, providing a hierarchical level of network management across multiple EMS. As operators began to perform network management across multi-vendor OSS’s, operators found themselves using spreadsheets to reconcile and activate system wide network parameters, required for end-to-end services. This spreadsheet driven approach leads to human error and decreases productivity.

In today’s economic climate, businesses need to be more competitive and agile than ever before to survive. To flourish, businesses must deliver a healthy return on shareholder investment at an acceptable level of risk. This means that businesses need to reduce their time to market and become ever more efficient, delivering greater productivity for less cost, whilst controlling and minimising business risk. To achieve this, business processes must be easily adaptable, executed faster with greater precision to reduce risk. What is required is flexible business process automation that coordinates (or orchestrates) the interworking of different and often diverse, business and technology applications. This process is known as Orchestration and Automation.

In this whitepaper, Cortex delivers the answers to your intelligent automation queries using a multi-vendor activation approach.

By downloading this whitepaper you will discover how to address challenges of provisioning and activation across:

  • Multi-Vendor infrastructures
  • Legacy technologies
  • Disparate platforms

Click on the button below to download the Cortex whitepaper, Network Provisioning: Multi-Vendor Activation, in full.

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