Artificial Intelligence
Contributor: Ralph Aboujaoude Diaz
Posted: 08/18/2017
intelligent automation journey
From automation that just “execute” (data centre automation to robotic process automation) to automation that “think” and “learn” (autonomics, cognitive computing and ultimately the holy grail of true artificial intelligence), the intelligent process automation market is growing at fast pace and in an orchestrated manner. Full Article »
Contributor: TED Talks
Posted: 06/28/2017
TED Talks
New tech spawns new anxieties, says scientist and philosopher Grady Booch, but we don't need to be afraid an all-powerful, unfeeling AI. Booch allays our worst (sci-fi induced) fears about superintelligent computers by explaining how we'll teach, not program, them to share our values. Rather than worry about an unlikely existential threat, he urges Full Video »
Contributor: Diana Raicu
Posted: 08/11/2017
diana raicu
What is the reality of the current commercial, ethical and cultural impact of AI in the legal sector?
Ahead of the Legal AI Forum (31st October – 1st November), we decided to confront two experts of the legal sector with three statements, on human labour, the management of AI decisions in court and how client demand drives innovation. Full Sector Report »