8 Keys to success [VIDEO]

CoE with Juan Araya: Keys to Success

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Seth Adler

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Juan Araya discusses his keys to success in this episode of CoE.

  1. In order to meet deliverables, a strong team is first and foremost.
  2. Discover the nuances to building a team from scratch and the importance of effective managers.
  3. Assess and make changes to a team that's already formed early on.
  4. Provide  your new team some early wins. If the team was previously established, fix what’s broken and earning the trust of your stakeholders.
  5. Remaining laser focused on the task at hand trumps multitasking and must be a priority.
  6. Continuously build and sustain capabilities. While success comes in sets of sprints, ultimately, the race is a marathon.
  7. Set good goals with clear metrics.
  8. Sustain and build team skillsets, regardless of who is coming and going.

Juan elaborates on these key points in the disucssion below.