Autonomous Vehicle Myths Part 1 [VIDEO]

IoT with Robert Welborn: Autonomous Vehicle Myths Part 1

Robert Welborn

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Robert Welborn discusses five common myths surrounding autonomous vehicles in this video.

  1. Your mind has been influenced by three classic TV shows - here's what they got right and wrong about the future of autonomous vehicles.
  2. Setting expectations through child, teenager, adult progression within the industry.
  3. Discovering that big data struggles with receiving a third set of three-dimensional data and therein lies the biggest area of experimentation and improvement.
  4. Realizing that it’s the engineers behind autonomous vehicles who have the burden of making things work.
  5. Recognizing that the elasticity and compatibility of all of the elements at play in autonomous vehicles have a tendency to be overestimated. 


Dive deeper into Robert’s mind by watching the full video below.