Solving Financial and Insurance Data Woes [WATCH]

Leverage AI to analyze customer and business data.

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Seth Adler

Join Mike Kim, Co-Founder & CTO of Outlier AI, Venkatesh Seetharam of Capital One Ventures and Jim Wood of Capital One for a digital fireside chat about the challenges of data collection and analysis.

Realize how your peers are leveraging artificial intelligence using Outlier's automated business analysis platform to analyze customer and business data. Mike, Venkatesh and Jim discuss utilizing insights gained by use of the platform which would have otherwise been missed. 

Walk away knowing:

  • How organizations have automated more data analysis tasks to save time and money
  • How Outlier helped Capital One find unknown trends and patterns in their data to save
  • How Outlier has expanded to assist multiple areas of business within the Capital One organization

Those key takeaways will lead you to understanding exactly where to focus your time and resources in the moment.

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