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Posted: 10/01/2017

Option3 is a niche automation and data analytics product company focused on providing affordable automation solutions for companies, big or small, across the globe. 

Resource Centre - AIIA Option3

The company aims to empower businesses with powerful yet easy-to-use technology and cognitive solutions to solve business problems. It offers a suite of domain ready capabilities that can implement any kind of automation and cognitive solutions such as DevOps, test automation, Robotic Process Automation (RPA), or analytics.

The automation and analytics capabilities of the company include end-to-end test automation solution across domains including retail, banking, insurance and payments industry (JiffyTest), cognitive solution for business process automation using machine learning software bots (JiffyRPA), and analytics and monitoring solution (Docube) that can visualize data and track every insight derived across the organization real time. JiffyRPA stands apart from other RPA solutions as it does not depend on a template based automation approach. JiffyRPA uses a combination of Cognitive ML and NLP (Natural Language Processing) engine to deliver accurate output for different unstructured data.


JiffyTest helps development, QA and DevOps teams across the organizations to automate their software testing with a few clicks. It is completely drag and drop which means even people with no technical experience can automate using Jiffy.

With DevOps and Agile becoming the new norm in software development, Jiffy has become a tool of choice due to ease of use and the speed with which one can automate tests during a sprint. The cognitive engine of Jiffy helps software development organizations reduce redundant tests as Jiffy will recommend what needs to be tested based on the changes made. What it results in are lower efforts, cost savings, faster time to market - and to add to all this a collaborative platform for the entire IT organization


JiffyRPA helps customers automate tasks through intelligent robots that can detect and adapt automated scenarios based on change. This allows organizations to utilize their staff more productively, without having to worry about tasks that are critical yet add no value to the system.

Right from processing unstructured data that is captured in different formats, to making cognitive decisions and using NLP and ML based algorithms, JiffyRPA has helped customers achieve close to 90+% of automation. This is significant as most of the traditional RPA solutions are rule based and only achieves lower automation levels for complex processes.

Option3 is a benefactor partner of the AIIA network. 
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Posted: 10/01/2017