Podcast: Get comfortable with RPA before tackling cognitive solutions

Seth Adler

Good communication is critical for putting organizations at ease with robots, says Julie Lotzer

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Photo by Samuel Zeller on Unsplash

Understanding and accepting RPA at all levels of an organization is important in successful deployment and technological progression, says Julie Lotzer.

Despite initially being a top-down initiative, Lotzer explains that RPA implementation is an enterprise-wide strategy that requires communication across the whole organization.

“Get the organization comfortable with something small before talking about machine learning and cognitive technologies,” she says. “We’re trying to wrap our hands around this RPA beast before moving into other areas.”

In particular, marketing RPA in the right way is critical to reducing the fear associated with misperceptions, says Lotzer. “The general consensus was that robots are learning more and more and it’s just going to go rogue. This is far from true, the robot always does what you tell it to do, nothing more; nothing less,” she adds.

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In this episode of the AI Network Podcast, Lotzer joins host Seth Adler for a thought-provoking conversation on RPA roll-out success, as she explains how her team accelerated the deployment of 17 bots and developed a further 40 by focusing on the right processes.

One year into the automation journey, Lotzer says the mindset shift has been profound: “People are becoming more interested in RPA. I have people who are desperate to get rid of stuff they do everyday.”

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Join Lotzer and Adler as they discuss the triumphs and challenges of scaling RPA, why it pays to know a little about a lot, and how to make the leap towards implementing cognitive solutions and AI. 

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