Measurable returns found for large telco beyond cost savings

Overwhelmed to automated in 18 months

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No matter how far along your intelligent automation you are, you need meaurable returns from the initiative to either get or retain buy-in from the top leadership, middle management and the front-lines of the enterprise.

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Cost Saving vs. Value Added

Simply looking at short-term FTE savings is no longer good enough. Automation Anywhere worked with a large telco to uncover a number of distinct measurable returns:

Reducing security risk while increasing employee satisfaction, retention and job growth are measurable returns beyond cost saving.

Top-level detail

  • Robots and general users sharing the same mailbox without interference, dramatically increases the capabilities of the finance department and increases employee satisfaction and retention.
  • Bots executing invoice processing in SAP without human intervention means the time saved is negligible, but the reduction in security risk is invaluable.
  • The automation team within corporate nance alone has grown by 200%, with new sta dedicating 30% or 40% of their time to developing automations alone. 
  • With about 20 automated processes in place, the nance team has regained 4,000 hours monthly
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